02/10/2016 - full article
Death can really kill your home value

01/26/2016 - full article
Home Sizes Expand, Along With Prices

03/27/2014 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2014-2015

03/18/2014 - full article
Housing Starts Slide for 3rd Straight Month; Price Pressure Dormant

02/28/2014 - full article
Winter Blasts Home Sales in Allen County

02/27/2014 - full article
Short Sales, REOs and Foreclosure Auctions Accounted for Nearly 1 in 5 January Sales

02/26/2014 - full article
U.S. housing Recovery Uneven Across Markets, Study Finds

02/26/2014 - full article
U.S. housing Recovery Uneven Across Markets, Study Finds

02/11/2014 - full article
Housing Scorecard: Homeowner Equity up $3.4 Trillion

01/27/2014 - full article
Never Invest Until You Are Ready

01/17/2014 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Prices Steadily Climb; Absorption Rate Kicks Into High Gear

01/15/2014 - full article
Bill to Target Abandoned-home Epidemic in Indiana

01/13/2014 - full article
The Switch to Self-employment Has Mortgage Implications

01/10/2014 - full article
New Mortgage Rules Take Effect: Housing Sector Braces for Headaches

12/30/2013 - full article
Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise Less Than Forecast

12/09/2013 - full article
NAR Property Market Outlook Mixed

12/02/2013 - full article
Tips On Investing In Commercial Real Estate

11/15/2013 - full article
US Home Sales Slow, But Still Rolling

11/14/2013 - full article
You are here: Home / News / 2014 Real Estate Market Will See Sales Growth But It Will Remain Slow 2014 Real Estate Market Will See Sales Growth But It Will Remain Slow

11/12/2013 - full article
Rate of Late Mortgage Payments Hits 5-Year Low

11/05/2013 - full article
'Smart Growth' Adherents Restrict Their Local Economies.

10/29/2013 - full article
Home Sales Continue to Climb

10/25/2013 - full article
Good News in Housing With No Declines in 300 Markets

10/24/2013 - full article
US Housing Market Bubble Deflating

10/21/2013 - full article
Existing Home Sales Dip After Hitting 4-Year High

10/07/2013 - full article
Housing Recovery Predicted To Pick Up in 2014

10/07/2013 - full article
Housing Rebound In The U.S. Unaffected by Government Shutdown

09/30/2013 - full article
Connecting the Dots in Business: Speaker to Address Process of Deciding Where to Expand or Move

09/25/2013 - full article
Three Ways to Profit From Real Estate Investments

09/25/2013 - full article
Industrial vacancy rate has fallen to lowest level in decades; Is Northeast Indiana Next?

09/23/2013 - full article
Indiana farmland values up, but likely falling by January

09/23/2013 - full article
Why the commercial real estate crash never came

09/10/2013 - full article
Ft. Wayne Retail Growth Signals a Boon to Glenbrook Area

09/06/2013 - full article
Commercial Occupancy Rates Improving In Indiana

09/04/2013 - full article
US Housing Rebound Continues as Prices Climb 12.4% From 2012

09/03/2013 - full article
Affordable Healthcare Act Could be Good Rx for Commercial Real Estate: Creating Investment Opportunities in Medical Facilities

08/29/2013 - full article
Multifamily Sector Continues to Lead Commercial Real Estate Resurgence

08/28/2013 - full article
US commercial real estate showing steady growth, says latest NAR report

08/21/2013 - full article
Home Values Post 6 Percent Annual Gain for First Time Since 2006

08/16/2013 - full article
Area Home Sales in Northeast Indiana Region up 23.9%

08/16/2013 - full article
Prices of Farmland Remain Flat

08/16/2013 - full article
Best Time for Both Homebuyers, Sellers

08/15/2013 - full article
Trulia Releases New Map Visualizations to Inform Home Buyers Where Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Tornadoes Historically Strike

08/08/2013 - full article
The Reasons to Buy a Home

08/07/2013 - full article
CoreLogic: June home prices up sharply year-over-year; And the outlook is good for the move higher to continue

08/07/2013 - full article
A Requiem for Commercial Real Estate?

08/06/2013 - full article
Putting A Rental Property In An LLC To Minimize Taxes

08/05/2013 - full article
Farmers Like Crop Potential Year After Drought

08/02/2013 - full article
How to Profit from First-Time Home Buyers Turned Renters

08/02/2013 - full article
Farmland Values in U.S. Rise 9.4% to $2,900 Per Acre

08/01/2013 - full article
Lodging Industry Returns to Normal, Expects Growth

08/01/2013 - full article
8 Costs to Consider When Buying a Rental Property

08/01/2013 - full article
NAR Reports Steady Improvement in Commercial Real Estate Sectors

07/31/2013 - full article
Home Prices Rose In May; Consumer Confidence Dips

07/30/2013 - full article
Home Prices in U.S. Increased by Most Since 2006 in May

07/29/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Rebounding

07/25/2013 - full article
Realtors® Reaffirm Commitment to realtor.com®

07/24/2013 - full article
Housing Market Back in Focus as Rates Rise

07/23/2013 - full article
Fannie Mae: Housing to Boost Economic Growth in Second Half

07/22/2013 - full article
Housing Data Earnings Set to Move Markets

07/22/2013 - full article
RealtyTrac Releases Mid-year 2013 Residential Property Flipping Report; Up 19% From a Year ago, and Up 74% From The First Half of 2011

07/22/2013 - full article
June Existing-Home Sales Slip but Prices Continue to Roll at Double-Digit Rates

07/17/2013 - full article
Real Estate Appraisers Optimistic About Future: Appraisal Institute Survey

07/17/2013 - full article
How to Get a Better Price for your Home

07/17/2013 - full article
Family finances: Home-Price Estimates Online

07/15/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Investment Environment Continues to Improve in 2Q13 -- CCIM Institute/National Association of Realtors report shows declining vacancy, rising rents

07/15/2013 - full article
Foreclosure Rates Fall in the US to a Six and a Half Year Low

07/15/2013 - full article
Housing Listings Multiply in June

07/12/2013 - full article
Does Foreclosure Forecast Truly Show Housing Healing?

07/12/2013 - full article
Chinese To Spend Billions On American Real Estate

07/11/2013 - full article
Dire Predictions for Housing Recovery

07/10/2013 - full article
The Housing Recovery Myth Commentary: A Rebound for a Wealthy Few

07/09/2013 - full article
Report: Government is Responsible for Housing Bubble, Not Banks

07/09/2013 - full article
Home Equity Grows, Enabling Millions to Benefit From Surge in Values

07/09/2013 - full article
Housing Recovery Rides Mortgage Rate Roller Coaster

07/03/2013 - full article
As Mortgage Rates Rise, Homebuyers Face New Dilemma

07/03/2013 - full article
Flood insurance changes run into resistance now that rates skyrocketing, home values falling

07/03/2013 - full article
Indiana Home Prices Rise More Slowly Than National Average

07/02/2013 - full article
Housing Finance Reform is Off to a Promising Start

07/02/2013 - full article
Commercial Property Values With Rising Interest Rates

07/02/2013 - full article
Home Prices Likely to Rise 13.2% Year-Over-Year in June: CoreLogic

07/01/2013 - full article
Real Estate Managers to HNW: ‘What We Do Is Not Liquid’

07/01/2013 - full article
Bank of America to Offshore Real Estate Reviews and Draws Criticism

06/28/2013 - full article
Housing market continues to boom: Contracts to buy homes hit six-year high in May

06/28/2013 - full article
Asian Investors Flock to US Commercial Real Estate

06/27/2013 - full article
Attendees at Indiana Commercial Board of Realtors Conference Predict Bright Future for Commercial Real Estate

06/26/2013 - full article
Report Shows Increase in Hoosier Home Sales for May 2013

06/26/2013 - full article
Housing Market Shrugging Off Rise in Mortgage Rates

06/25/2013 - full article
Indiana Home Sales Continue to Climb

06/25/2013 - full article
U.S. Housing Prices Increased More Than Forecast in April

06/24/2013 - full article
Study: United States Real Estate Report Q3 2013

06/24/2013 - full article
Economy Won’t Shift Into Higher Gear Soon

06/24/2013 - full article
The Housing Finance Mechanism In The US Is Not Fixed

06/24/2013 - full article
Home Values Rise Again in May

06/24/2013 - full article
Housing Seen Shrugging Off Loan Rate Rise as Banks Loosen

06/24/2013 - full article
U.S. Retail Health Clinics Expected to Double by 2015

06/21/2013 - full article
Housing Rebound Lifting U.S. as Factories Stabilize: Economy

06/21/2013 - full article
Agents Target Unlisted Foreclosures with More Success

06/19/2013 - full article

06/19/2013 - full article
Lenders Loosen Their Purse Strings

06/18/2013 - full article
Property flippers are back: Find the impact on local home sales, prices

06/18/2013 - full article
Mortgage Valuation Yield Curve And U.S. Treasury Forecast

06/17/2013 - full article
The Future of Interest Rates

06/17/2013 - full article
Rising Interest Rates Pose First Big Challenge to Emerging Single-Family Rental REITs

06/14/2013 - full article
Professional Office Space Users Tighten Belt On Costs

06/13/2013 - full article
CoStar CCRSI Analysis: Commercial Real Estate Prices Shake Off Effects of First Quarter Seasonal Slowdown With Strong Showing in April

06/13/2013 - full article
Census: Rural U.S. Loses Population For First Time

06/11/2013 - full article
Housing Boom Is The Best Chance For A Recovery For The Rest Of Us

06/11/2013 - full article
Only Certain Home Improvements Pay Off

06/10/2013 - full article
Economic Optimism Grows In Poll; Outlook Better for Self, Worse for Nation

06/10/2013 - full article
Economists Temper Housing Bubble Worries

06/07/2013 - full article
What's A Big Deal In Commercial Real Estate Rebound? Read More At Investor's Business Daily

06/07/2013 - full article
Economists: Housing Outlook is Bubble Free for Now

06/06/2013 - full article
Housing market recovery in the US starting to mature, say analysts

06/03/2013 - full article
Rising mortgage rates could fuel already hot housing markets

05/31/2013 - full article
How is the commercial real estate landscape changing in your region?

05/30/2013 - full article
U.S. Foreclosure Sales Down 22% in First Quarter — RealtyTrac

05/30/2013 - full article
Mortgage Rates are Highest in a Year

05/30/2013 - full article
US real estate prices forecast to keep climbing as interest rates remain low

05/30/2013 - full article
Is a New Housing Bubble in the Making?

05/29/2013 - full article
Home Prices in U.S. Rise by Most Since 2006 in March

05/29/2013 - full article
Real Estate Market Trends: Prices Gain Nearly 11 Percent

05/28/2013 - full article
Indiana’s unemployment rate shows largest monthly decline in more than a year

05/24/2013 - full article
The Next Real Estate Bubble Has Already Begun (But It’s Not What You Think)

05/24/2013 - full article
New-home Sales, Prices Rev Up Nationally, But Fall 4.8 Percent in the Midwest

05/23/2013 - full article
Why Real Estate Investors Have the Edge in Housing Market

05/23/2013 - full article
Home Sales Inch Up to Highest Level Since 2009

05/23/2013 - full article
Single-Family Rental REITs Continue Tapping Capital Markets: More Than $340 Million Raised in Two Offerings; New Player Files its IPO

05/22/2013 - full article
Home Appraisals No Longer Derailing Sales

05/22/2013 - full article
As Home Values Rise, Is HARP 3.0 More Likely To Go Live?

05/22/2013 - full article
Economy Watch: Home Prices Still Climbing

05/22/2013 - full article
US Home Sales Tick Up to Highest in 3 1/2 Years

05/22/2013 - full article
Small Businesses To Face Mortgage Squeeze

05/21/2013 - full article
Indiana Home Sales Jump in April

05/20/2013 - full article
Approaching Bipartisan Solutions for Nation’s Housing Woes

05/20/2013 - full article
Housing Starts Drop in April, Building Permits Rise

05/20/2013 - full article
Renters Face a Housing Squeeze

05/20/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Recovery Facing Challenges

05/20/2013 - full article
Housing Recovery Still Has Room to Run

05/16/2013 - full article
LeaseRunner Delivers 2nd Annual Rental Industry Trends Survey

05/16/2013 - full article
Prashant Gopal and Kathleen M. Howley, Bloomberg

05/15/2013 - full article
Real Estate Scam in Indiana, Secretary of State Warns Potential Home Buyers

05/14/2013 - full article
Industrial Real Estate Investors Lining Up to Tap Improving Warehouse Market

05/13/2013 - full article
Is Housing in Bubble Trouble?

05/10/2013 - full article
Two of the Top Ten Issues Affecting Commercial Real Estate

05/10/2013 - full article
Analysis: To Hedge Inflation, Property Trusts are the New Gold

05/10/2013 - full article
How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

05/09/2013 - full article
Crowdsourcing Comes to Commercial Real Estate

05/08/2013 - full article
Forecasters Fear Another Housing Bubble

05/08/2013 - full article
U.S. Commercial-Property Prices Rose Above 2007 Peak Last Month

05/08/2013 - full article
Panel of Real Estate Experts Predict Average Home Values in US Will Grow 4.6% in 2013

05/06/2013 - full article
Housing Rebound Should Help Small Business

05/03/2013 - full article
Despite signs of a seller's market, it's still a great time to buy real estate

05/01/2013 - full article
US housing recovery is facing an obstacle: Not enough homes are for sale

04/30/2013 - full article
Why Doesn’t the Real Estate Industry Face the Same Scrutiny as Wall Street?

04/30/2013 - full article
Consumer Confidence Jumps as U.S. Home Values Rebound: Economy

04/26/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate and Low Interest Rates

04/25/2013 - full article
Report Shows Increase of Closed-home Sales in Early 2013

04/24/2013 - full article
Home-equity Loans Make Quiet Comeback

04/23/2013 - full article
Appraising Your Way To A Home Sale Or Purchase

04/23/2013 - full article
Home Prices Rose 7.1% in Year Through February, FHFA Says

04/22/2013 - full article
Existing Home Sales Edge Down, Prices Rise

04/15/2013 - full article
Housing Construction Probably Advanced: U.S. Economy Preview

04/12/2013 - full article
Americans spending larger share of annual income on homes

04/12/2013 - full article
Confidence Rising in U.S. Commercial Markets

04/12/2013 - full article
Can We Afford Another Housing Boom?

04/11/2013 - full article
Existing-Home Sales Market Surging 15 Percent Across Indiana

04/10/2013 - full article
U.S. Land Gets More Expensive

04/05/2013 - full article
Spring Home Sales Slump

04/03/2013 - full article
US Home Prices Rose in February by Most in 7 Years

04/01/2013 - full article
Home Sale Numbers, Median Prices Rose in Northeast Indiana in February

04/01/2013 - full article
Spec Industrial Space Starting Up Again

03/28/2013 - full article
Is The Housing Recovery For Real?

03/28/2013 - full article
Housing's Positive Feedback Loop and the Coming Meltdown

03/26/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Lending Now on the Rise for 2013, Says The Off Market Association

03/26/2013 - full article
Real Estate Long-term Trend Remains Strong In NE Indiana

03/26/2013 - full article
Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Climb by Most Since June 2006

03/26/2013 - full article
Home Prices Growing As Fast As Before The Housing Collapse: Case-Shiller

03/26/2013 - full article
Surge in Farm Prices Catches Investor Interest

03/25/2013 - full article
The Housing Bubble Is Back

03/21/2013 - full article
NREIonline.com Enters New Era

03/20/2013 - full article
Farmland Poised for More Big Gains in 2013

03/20/2013 - full article
Foreclosure Sales and Short Sales Account for 43 Percent of U.S. Residential Sales in 2012 According to RealtyTrac

03/19/2013 - full article
Wall Street Buoyed by Strength in Housing

03/19/2013 - full article
Experts Bullish on U.S Home Prices

03/18/2013 - full article
Housing Market on the Rebound; Foreclosures Down 25%

03/18/2013 - full article
Homebuilding Probably Climbed With Sales: U.S. Economy Preview

03/18/2013 - full article
Medical Offices Moving to Traditional Retail Locations to be Closer to Clients

03/15/2013 - full article
$870 Billion of Commercial Real Estate Traded in 2012

03/15/2013 - full article
A Cloud Appears on the Real Estate Horizon

03/14/2013 - full article
Real Estate Transactions and Prices to Increase

03/13/2013 - full article
The Chinese Real Estate Market's 'Butterfly Effect'

03/12/2013 - full article
Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Debt Increases by Largest Amount Since 2008

03/11/2013 - full article
Housing: Picking Up the Pieces

03/11/2013 - full article
Four out of Five Real Estate Professionals Expect Both Home Values and Transactions to Increase in 2013

03/08/2013 - full article
U.S. Home Prices Sends Household Wealth Soaring $1.7-trillion to 5-year High -- Above Pre-recession Levels

03/08/2013 - full article
Job Creation Needed To Boost Commercial Real Estate

03/07/2013 - full article
How Survival Real Estate Is Surviving (and Thriving) After the 'Apocalypse'

03/07/2013 - full article
Will Wall Street Buy Into Single-Family Rental Craze? -- So Far, Institutional Ownership of Single-Family Rentals Appears to Have Legs, Analysts Say

03/07/2013 - full article
Pension Funds Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

03/07/2013 - full article
Household Worth in U.S. Rises by $1.17 Trillion on Housing

03/06/2013 - full article
Rising Home Prices Explained

03/05/2013 - full article
Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2013

03/04/2013 - full article
Will the housing market revival last?

03/04/2013 - full article
Largest Annual U.S. Home Values Rise Since July 2006 Recorded

03/01/2013 - full article
Elkhart County Real Estate Market Takes Positive Momentum Into 2013

03/01/2013 - full article
Northeast Indiana Adds Two Development-Ready Sites to Certified Site Ready Program

02/28/2013 - full article
FHA Hits Brakes on Housing With Budget Cuts: Mortgages

02/27/2013 - full article
Northeast Indiana Home Sales Start 2013 Strong

02/26/2013 - full article
Home Prices Up 6.8% in '12, Biggest Gain in 6 Years

02/26/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Investors Eager to "Turn the Page," According to New Outlook Report

02/26/2013 - full article
Is It Safe to Sell Your House Now?

02/26/2013 - full article
Home Sales in Indiana Start the Year Strong

02/25/2013 - full article
Industrial Real Estate Shows Slow, Steady Growth

02/25/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Improving, But Slowly

02/25/2013 - full article
The Two Faces of Housing

02/22/2013 - full article
Commercial Real Estate Forecast Update: 2013-2014

02/22/2013 - full article
Apartment Rent Growth Expected To Decelerate In Top Markets Ahead of New Supply Wave -- 2013 To See Developers Add Largest Number of Multifamily Units Since 2009

02/21/2013 - full article
An Obscure Real Estate Indicator Is Looking Like A 'Huge Tailwind' For The Stock Market

02/21/2013 - full article
Investors Giving Private Equity Real Estate Funds a Second Look

02/21/2013 - full article
Housing: It’s Becoming a Seller’s Market

02/20/2013 - full article
Why We're Nervous About Today's Big Housing Report

02/20/2013 - full article
Survey: Commercial Borrowers Ready to Get Back Into Hock

02/20/2013 - full article
Housing Starts Fall 8.5% in January

02/19/2013 - full article
Housing Stakeholders Warn Against Strict Mortgage Down-payment Requirements

02/19/2013 - full article
US Commercial Real Estate Market Slowly Recovers

02/18/2013 - full article
Housing Holds Key to Full Job Growth Rebound

02/18/2013 - full article
Latest CoStar CCRSI Analysis: U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market Posts Record Gain

02/15/2013 - full article
Strong year for residential and commercial real estate in Tippecanoe County, IN

02/15/2013 - full article
CRE Sales Surge 22% In 2012 As Pricing Recovery Spreads To More Markets; Aided By Improved Liquidity and Buoyed By Improving Conditions, Investors Move Into Other Property Types and Into More Markets Driven by Multifamily Gains

02/14/2013 - full article
Housing Industry Pins Hopes on Obama to Soften Down-Payment Rule

02/13/2013 - full article
We still have renters to thank for healthier housing market -- Housing construction is soaring, but much of it is still going to renters.

02/13/2013 - full article
Housing as an Investment? Yes, That Idea Is Back

02/12/2013 - full article
Northeast Indiana Bancorp, Inc. Announces Record Annual Earnings And Record Quarterly Earnings

02/12/2013 - full article
Northeast Indiana 2012 Business Dynamics Report Released

02/11/2013 - full article
Demand for Rental Housing Lures Potential Landlords

02/08/2013 - full article
Liquidity Returns to Commercial Real Estate

02/07/2013 - full article
Housing Market Recovery Spreads to New Markets, Including Ft. Wayne, IN

02/06/2013 - full article
Fed's Duke Says Housing Sector Picking Up Steam

07/01/2009 - full article
Cap-and-Trade Bill Creates ‘Retrofit’ Policy for Homes and Businesses

08/05/2008 - full article
Bush Signs Housing Relief Bill

02/26/2008 - full article
CNN Reports Foreclosures up 57% nationwide.

02/06/2008 - full article
Free Home Staging for Value Seminar Feb. 23

10/30/2007 - full article
Shelley Smaltz joins Good Valuation, Inc.

10/26/2007 - full article
Appraisal Review System being developed by Good Valuation, Inc.

09/17/2007 - full article
Good Valuation soon to release Tax Assessment Program

08/10/2007 - full article
2 City Apprasiers lose license amid state probe.

10/20/2006 - full article
Fradulant appraisals result in license suspension and revokation for several appraisers.

08/07/2007 - full article
Fort Wayne appraisers face penalties.

08/02/2007 - full article
Good Valuation expanding with a Fort Wayne virtual office!!

06/01/2007 - full article
April Home Sales Skyrocket as Prices Plummet

05/17/2007 - full article
Appraisers urged to set ethics aside

03/01/2007 - full article
An example of property flipping.

09/14/2006 - full article
Home Building tumbles 43% from year ago

08/25/2006 - full article
What Does a St. Joseph statue have to do with home sales?

07/27/2006 - full article
New issue for homeowners: Inflated appraisals

07/10/2006 - full article
Appraisal Review - What is the Sales Price?

07/01/2006 - full article
USPAP 2006 Now in Effect

06/26/2006 - full article
USPAP 2006 becomes effective July 1, 2006

05/11/2006 - full article
John Good, MAI reviewing appraisals for the Attorney Generals Office.

05/08/2006 - full article
Cost Vs. Value - How can they differ?

05/01/2006 - full article
Appraisal Review - What to look for.

04/27/2006 - full article
Valuation of Restaurants - What's Involved?

04/25/2006 - full article
Increase in Appraisal Fees

04/11/2006 - full article
Indiana Leads the Nation In Foreclosures

03/21/2006 - full article
Urgent Messaging now available.

03/15/2006 - full article
Property Photos available online

02/15/2006 - full article
Brodie Allred Leaves Good Valuation

01/02/2006 - full article
License Update

12/21/2005 - full article
Market Studies in 2006

11/18/2005 - full article
Good Valuation Releases New Web Site

11/16/2005 - full article
Thomas Mack joins Good Valuation, Inc.