Northeast Indiana Is Our Primary Residential Market Area

There are primarily two different commercial report types that we prepare. Both of these reports are prepared in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We take a lot of pride in the preparation of all of our appraisal reports, which is reflected by the level of detail and presentation of each type of commercial report. Following is a list of the typical commercial appraisal reports we prepare:

The RESTRICTED report is the smallest and least expensive of two reports prepared. It gives a very brief description of the property, the neighborhood, and the competitive marketplace, and it provides a conclusion of value. The analyses that were conducted to arrive at the value conclusion are retained within our files and are not included in the report. This report is typically prepared when the client is very familiar with the property and is only concerned with the value conclusion. Typical users of this report include property owners or Realtors that are concerned only with the value of the property. Typically, lenders require a slightly more detailed report.

The LIMITED, SUMMARY report can either include a brief or a complete description of the property, the neighborhood and the marketplace and will typically include either one or two of the approaches to value. This report is prepared to the specifications of the client and includes only the most relevant approaches to value.

The COMPLETE, SUMMARY report is very detailed, includes a complete description of the property, the neighborhood and the marketplace, and details the highest and best use and all of the approaches utilized to arrive at the value conclusion. This report includes all of the approaches to value that were utilized, and the photographs of the comparables. Lenders or attorneys typically utilize this report when the value of the property may come into question in the future.

The last is the COMPLETE, SELF CONTAINED report. This is the most detailed of all the reports that are prepared. All items concerning the property, the marketplace and the analyses are provided in an extremely detailed format. This report is most typically ordered when court testimony may be required. Although some lenders require this report to be prepared, it is widely considered too detailed and excessively costly.

For samples of the different report types, we have included a secure area on this site. To get access to this area, please contact John Brian Good, MAI at (260) 920-3000.

For samples of some of the agricultural reports that we have prepared, we have included a secured area on this web site. For access to this area, please contact John Brian Good, MAI at (260) 920-3000.